Welcome to my world of art glass beads, silver work and jewelry!  
I'm a lampworker and jewelry maker and enjoy working with glass, silver and PMC clay. Hopefully you will have plenty to view on my website and if you have any questions please feel free to email me. 
I work with an amazing brother Scott Tanner of Tanner Studios who is also a lampworker and we sell our work on this website, Ebay and Etsy.
 Scott and I are both members of the ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers)
  We are both members of the SRA (Self Representing Artist) 
SRA Number:  M66 Trudi Madison  & T42  Scott Tanner 
Enjoy your Visit!
"Inspire your Passion"
Featured in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 "The Flow" Glass Journal-Each year they show the work of "Women in Glass" and dedicate the winter issue to showing off all the wonderful glass work created by different artist.You can find The Flow magazine here!   

Rustic Dog Royston Turquoise Cluster Flower Cabochon Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Bull Skull Turquoise Cabochon Sterling Silver Earrings


Hopi Bear "Gone Fishing" Turquoise and Australian Opal Bracelet

BLOSSOM Sterling Silver Bangle stacker

Australian Opal and Royston Turquoise Blossom Bracelet

Kingman Turquoise Heart etched Cuff

Etched Feather Cuff

White Buffalo Feather Necklace

Private selection Kingman Turquoise Etched Cuff

Royston Turquoise Blossom Statement Ring on Etsy


Straight through my Heart Arrow statement Necklace on Etsy


Flight of the Butterflies Sterling silver and gem Bracelet

Montana Agate, Cheetah Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Coin Blister Pearl and a slice of quartz.

Wild Horse Crazy Lace Agate, Regency Rose Plume, Montana Agate Bracelet!

Pine Cone & Squirrel Turquoise and Agate Bracelet

Fawn in the wildflowers Necklace!

Rings & things!

King Manassa Turquoise & Petrified Palm Ring

Deer Crossing Turquoise Stone Cuff-Mine!

Jack Rabbit Rustic Bohemian Turquoise & Montana Agate Sterling Silver ring

Let yourself SOAR Arrow Caricos Lake Turquoise Cabochon Sterling Silver 

Cuff Bracelet and Necklace - Here

Ghost DEER Royston Turquoise & Ombre Hessonite Cabochon Sterling Silver Pendant Necklae

Wilderness Graveyard Agate Bracelet
Winter Wren Feathered Plume Agate Necklace
Change of Seasons Necklace
Rustic Turquoise Hinge & Ball Chain Cab Bracelet
Circle of Life Glass and Turquoise Bracelet
Vineyard Lace Pink Cahalcedony Teardrop Cabochon Necklace

Rustic Turquoise Rain Droplet Charm Bracelet..here!

Shall we! Go to a Masquerade Ball? Find this sultry gal here!


Something Wick Comes this Way! Find this pretty witch

Rustic Bohemian Teardrop Royston Turquoise Stone Cab Bezeled in Sterling Silver Ring Buy here!


FRINGED Outlaw Royston Turquoise Cabochon Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

MY ANGEL Royston Turquoise Cabochon Sterling Silver Winged Pendant Necklace 


Rustic Country Royston Turquoise Sterling Silver Cabochon and Mustang Brown Leather Double wrap around Bracelet


Cascading Teardrop Tapestry Royston Turquoise Cabochon Sterling Silver Pendant Necklaces 

Both necklaces sold but I could always make a custom one on request ;-)


Moosing Around Royston Turquoise and Montana Agate Cabochon Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace


ANIMAL INSTINCT Montana Agate, Graveyard Point Plume and Black Onyx cabochons Sterling Silver Necklace


New Butterfly Wing Necklace- RAINFOREST WING

Persian Blue Opal Sterling Silver and cab stone Necklace-Buy

UNTAMED Persian Blue Opal Sterling Silver and Stone Cab Bracelet


SAND DOLLAR Fossil and Oolite Stone Sterling Silver Cabochon Necklace

DayDreamer ~ Oregon Blue Opal Sterling Silver Bracelet

Fun combo of Ocean Jasper, Snow Scene Agate, Chalcedony and black onyx stones!



AQUA SPLASH Sterling Silver & Glass Lampwork Bracelet

Zuni Turquoise, Coral, Ammonite Sterling Silver and glass cab Bracelet- Available here!



Summer is Blooming!
Newest piece- found some amazing stones from Tasmnia and thought they would amazing with some of my hand fused glass cabs. She's available here.
with Zebra jasper, petrified sand dollar, and dalmation jasper.
Hand blown boro glass cab and beads
Flower Pod Mixed Media Bracelet
This bracelet is also off to the Eccles Art show. I usually stick to sterling or .999 silver but I played some with brass clay for the flower and pods and end caps. So thus the name mixed media as it has sterling silver, hand formed brass clay, glass and fossil coral faceted rondel gems.Then the organic boro glass beads were hand blown by me and silver cored with sterling silver tubing. I finished with a sterling silver chain and hand forged clasp to add some contract to the piece. Also a signature tag with my name. Very heavy and nice feeling piece. I think this piece is one of all all time favorites that I have put together.
Wild Amber Rose Bracelet
This piece is headed to the Eccles Art Show next week- Something very new for me is working with Brass Clay. I love a rustic handmade look and with clay I can add my own designs and textures into my pieces. Not a purchased supply on this bracelet other than the bronzed wire for stringing. Every glass bead, bud, leave and thorn has been hand made by me. 
Steel Rose Bracelet
Also headed to the Eccles Art Show. This piece I used some of my favorite glass artists Scott Tanner and Redside Designs. I made the PMC rose from .999 pure silver clay. All wired up together with sterling silver wire-finished with a rose bud tassel and crystals. 
Wild Angel on my Shoulder
~Raven's Midnight Visit~ Necklace
Such a mysterious bird of it time- If only the Raven could tell his tell. 
Men listen up......Valentines Day is around the corner!
~Heart has Wings~ Sterling Silver Bracelet
Prevent Child Abuse Utah is having a fundraiser for abused children- 
My humble donation to the cause.... Hand-blown glass beads by Scott Tanner, wire wrapped in sterling silver with Swarvoski Crystals, Chalcedony faceted gems and a Precious Metal clay999. pure silver hand made rose by myself all wrapped up in a charming bracelet. 
Never Promised you a Rose Garden Bracelet

With no imagination....there is Horror! Happy Halloween-



Sunrise Dahlia's Glass beads
Bronzed Agate Necklace with mini glass boro pebble beads
So what a crazy mix of natural stone and hand flamed boro glass beads. I instantly fell in love with this combination! Strangely they were not planned out but I found the combo by accidentally laying the two projects next to each other as I was working this weekend.


This is by far the largest natural stone I have bezel in sterling silver- wow what a statement this piece makes.  I found this amazing stone which really struck home as it is mined in Delta Utah- It's a Wood Agate with rich bronze and uranium yellow tans. I instantly fell in love with it and the dynamic shape- I metalsimthed the stone into a sterling bezel with a Golden Sapphire 5mm gem. It measures 65mm long by 33 mm wide- very dramatic.The boro beads are all hand wire wrapped together and I finished the piece with a hand fabricated guitar pick clasp with a lighter citrine 6 mm stone This piece will go to the local Eccles Art Center for their annual auction this weekend. I think - I kind of want it too.
Vine Garden Oasis ~ Fine Art Glass and Silver cabochon bracelet

This piece is a large break through in my journey of glass and metal. I have hand blown the glass and inlayed the cabs into the hand fabricated sterling silver bezels. Each bezel was then accented with pure silver PMC flowers, leaves, dots and vines to create a unique piece of art.  The metal was all hand stamped with flowers and fabricated and is truly an original piece of work.  Glass cabs were created with a soft soda lime glass enhanced with silver to create the opal iridescent look. Rich blues, bronze, greens and purple hues glitter in the encased glass. The glass is flamed with a torch and then kiln annealed to strengthen and add durability to the glass.  Once all the component pieces were created the glass was inlayed into the metal pieces to create an amazing piece. Bracelet measures 8 inches long and is sighed by artist on back of bezel clasp. BUY here!

Wild Pony Art Glass bead bracelet
Mystic PearlArt Glass Bead & Sterling Silver Bracelet: 
Soft violet purple & blue base of glass with deep purples, soft blues & opal reflections encased in a clear boro glass. Hand blown beads are made from a borosilicate glass and hand wire-wrapped in sterling silver wire. I added some amethyst faceted and celadon, amazonite gems to enhance the design. 
Added a sterling silver toggle clasp with a large silvered blister pearl to finish the piece off.
Platium Wildflower Bracelet
Sterling Silver ball bars with Amber Blue glazed glass beads which have been silver cored. Hand metal smithed guitar clasp with wildflower PMC charms.  Swaroski crystals dangles with sterling silver balls. 
Fallen Angel Bracelet
Bloom where you are planted Bracelet For a special Friend!!  Happy Birthday Jen
Blue Sapphire Recycled Silver Bracelet
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