Elixir Hand Sanitizer "Protector" Glass Rollerball Bottles

~Home of the original creation and design of "Artisan Hand Sanitizer bottles"~

For all you amazing people who love artisan Jewelry and pieces I have created these unique, first of the kind Elixir bottles to protect you on the go. These bottles are absolutely perfect for adding your favorite hand sanitizer or essential oils.

I have hand fabricated the sterling silver with fabulous patterns- Once the caps are created I adorn them with hand cast succulents, wildflowers, bees, butterflies and wolves. These are perfect to clip onto your handbags and are easy access to quickly sanitize your hands on the go. 

These bottles are much larger than the typical oil essential roller balls you can wear around your neck. They are created to hold enough hand- sanitizer on the go. I will also add a carabiner clip so you can cli[ on to your favorite handbag, belt or bag.